Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Digital security is the right of every internet user, and Geometry Dash App provides all the security benefits to its users by maintaining their freedom. You do not have to worry about the issues that we will collect your personal data without your concern. The only object of the Geometry Dash App is to collect data for the improvement and data analytics of websites. For different security queries, you can contact them to clear up your problems and misinformation about collecting personal data.

Information that we collect as per our policy is given below with detailed information.

General and Personal Information:

The Geometry Dash App does not collect any data that calculates personal information like email addresses and mobile numbers. We only collect general information like the internet address of your IP and internet server to improve our website interface.

We collect your data only in case you fill up some forms on our websites that are provided by third-party resources. Then we will collect your ID and email address for our record purpose.

We protect the privacy of our users and will not disclose to third-party companies and services without any concern. There are the following options for using the data of our visitors:

How We Use the Personal Information of Users

  • We will utilize the personal data of our visitors by improving the website of our service. With the help of analytics, we can use the stats to update our information and bring new helpful data for our users. It will also help in removing technical faults and bugs to increase the website speed without any additional load.
  • Geometry Dash App will protect the data in case the misusing third parties use your data as spam. Our website will protect your data in all conditions.
  • We will share the data for improving user experience with the advertisement companies and the security perspective. The lawful actions are performed on the security issues of websites, and your data will be shared in these terms.
  • The cookies are used to track the observation of users’ activities and total time spent on the websites. If you allow cookies monitoring on your device, we will provide a smooth and improved experience with our information and data.
  • Our website protects the child’s protection, and parents should activate parental controls to save the misinformation to their children. We will not be responsible if a child under 13 years is using the device and website without your concern.
  • Geometry Dash App does not save the users’ data for long intervals, we use the data of particular times to improve our services, and after that, we remove all old data.

If you notice any suspicious ways in your data detection, you can come to our touch to introduce your problems. We always keep a trusting relationship with our customers and bring the latest updates to keep the users more secure and protected.